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Buffalo Senior Photos – Minnetonka, Minnesota

Apr 27, 2018

Buffalo Senior photos in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Mya Lubben

Minnetonka, MN

Minnetonka, Minnesota Senior photos | First of all, I cannot start this blog post without talking about Mya’s incredibly infectious smile. Looking through these images, again and again, will forever bring a smile to my face – and to anyone who knows her, you know her personality does this too!

Almost a year prior to when Mya and I worked together this past summer, I was able to take portraits of her equally-as-cheery, older sister, Mattie! The Lubben’s have been a family that always kind of held a presence in our household. They grew up in the same church as my family and me, live right down the street from my childhood home, and their father, Matt, is an incredible Principal at Buffalo Community Middle School where my siblings and I attended. Aside from the entire family being incredibly involved and talented, they all share this same personality, and instantly light up any room they go into! Mya is actually up for nomination as one of the Buffalo High School Hall of Fame winners for 2018 (along with another TTP senior to be featured on the blog soon!).

During her session, we spent the evening running around Purgatory park in Minnetonka, Minnesota, which is one of my favorite parks to photograph in. The sun was shining, much like Mya, and what made the night even better was having her father and cousin join us, keeping us entertained the entire time. Not that laughter comes difficultly to either Mya or I, but I was seriously near tears the entire night from laughing so hard at those two.

As the end of the school year comes closer, I want to congratulate all the seniors about to take their next steps into the world! It’s almost weird to look back at the time I was in those same shoes, about to start college, and now I’m less than a year away from graduating that too! To the seniors: I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times at this point, but it REALLY does go so fast. Enjoy every second, make mistakes (because they’re integral), and learn so much!

Nowwww…I know it was long winded… let’s see some photos!