Documenting life

Life goes on!

Marriage isn’t the beginning or end of your milestones (or the photos!).

Don’t wait to get your photos taken. Whatever it is – new home, first kid, graduation, anniversary, Tuesday night pizza, first date (OK, maybe that would be weird), literally anything! Capture all these fleeting moments while you can. The “you” 50 years from now will thank you.

Let’s capture life!

— haley

Tom is an amazing artist. He is so fun and easy going and helped make my two young kids feel comfortable in front of the camera. He got us SO many amazing shots in such a short, kid-friendly time!

— heather

No time will ever be like this again … Or like yesterday. Or like tomorrow.

The moments come and go like a river. Even right now as you’re reading this and scrolling my site, you are changing. It’s beautiful. It’s real life magic. 

And we have to preserve these fleeting moments. 

How do we honor all of our experiences together? How do we capture every unique personality and the connections we share? 

With timeless images that are faithful to our real life love.

I don’t call myself a Minnesota family photographer, a St. Paul senior photographer, a maternity photographer, or any other label. Those boxes are too small for the experience of life. I want to document it all!

Let’s make these moments last

I want to be with you in your quietest times, your biggest celebrations and your most meaningful moments. I want to freeze time for you, even as you continue flowing through life.

Tom and our daughter had a great connection. She could be herself around him which shows in the photos.

— Susie

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Let’s document your life together

Thank you! we will be in touch soon!