deeply connected souls

What I’m really about

Let’s start with the most relevant thing about me: I know when it’s not about me. Your wedding day should be the most YOU-centric day ever. I’m just the lucky guy who gets to capture the glow emanating from you and the outpouring of love from everyone at your celebration.

I’m not coming to your wedding day to build my portfolio or take trendy photos that look so #hot on Instagram. Ego in check, preconceived notions left behind, I’m exclusively here for you.

Every person deserves to have their moments captured. Every couple deserves to have their connection seen and honored. And everyone at your celebration deserves to be remembered as part of your day.

Every wedding I photograph is worthy of my best, so that’s what I’ll give you.

Let me give you my best!

“He’s so talented and can really capture your inner and outer beauty.”

— Katrina

Sometimes photos are all we have left

I got into photography because I lost people I loved. My grandfather passed two months before I was born. But I grew to love him through his photographs documenting my family’s life story. His images were a way for me to connect with him, even though I never met him.

In high school, my best friend Emma dabbled in photography for years. We spent hours together talking about photography while I watched her edit, in awe of her skill. Just after she got her senior photos taken, Emma was in a fatal car accident. Those photos were some of the last memories of her.

Those snapshots I have from my Grandpa’s life and from my time with Emma are just mundane, simple moments – yet that’s what makes them so special to me and so overwhelmingly true to who they were. Telling life’s stories with moments like these is what fuels me to capture your moments, your connections and your loved ones. 

Let’s connect

Photography started as a way for me to heal and mourn but I fell in love with documenting these cherished memories and keeping connections alive.