Your wedding does not need to
be perfect to be



For me, some of the greatest meaning is found in the “imperfections” of a day. Your laughter when the flower girl won’t walk down the aisle. The shock when you drop the ring during the vows. Champagne coming out of your nose during the toast.

On your wedding day I am in constant pursuit of authenticity. I preserve the mundane and the momentous. I seek intentionality over trends. Always. 

At the end of the wedding day, and decades later, even the chaos and quiet can seem perfect if captured honestly. 

I will give you a visual legacy of what your love looks like from the outside.

The photos. The emotions. The connection.

My style isn’t “light and airy” or “dark and moody.” My style is “Whatever your day looks like and whoever you are.” 

I do have a certain aesthetic – you could call it natural, timeless, candid and fun – but I treat you as the unique humans you are and I aim to capture your story in the most authentic way to YOU. I will never force you into a mold. I’ll give you all the space you need to be yourselves. 

I will take photos that …
… look as real as you are
… are as authentic as your connection
… and make you and everyone at your wedding feel special and seen. 

Beyond photos, I want to give you a day that feels like it’s never going to end. Like all the clocks stopped and you could just slow dance forever. 

And you will stop time in a way… with the photos, the experience and the memories to hold onto for the rest of your lives together.

Give me ALL that!

— haley

“Our photos capture our emotions when we are with each other. I have never seen anything like it. From feeling deeply in love, to playfully annoyed, etc. he was able to capture us how we naturally are.”

Cheers to the awkward ones…
(I’m one of you!)

Getting your photos taken isn’t the easiest thing in the world – I know it’s uncomfortable to have a camera shoved in your face. I want you to spend your day your way, not posing for photos.

Here’s the thing: everyone feels awkward in front of the camera. Let’s forget your previous experiences with bad, cheesy photo taking. This isn’t prom!

Photographing you is a conversation, not a transaction. I’ll make it an adventure, a journey. We won’t pretend like it’s candid and fake laughs. I’ll make it warm, fun and energetic, but also intimate and authentic. I’ll get to know you and what makes you unique in a casual, communication-based shooting style.

I can be flexible and adaptable. Need me to talk your ear off to distract you? Can do. I can also be quiet and just turn up the music. I can watch from afar and make you forget I’m even there, or I can give you all the direction you want.

I still feel awkward, but let’s do this!

Take awkward out of your vocabulary and replace it with authentic.

A huge part of my approach is to keep things natural and authentic to you, and a large part of that work is done along the entire lifecycle of time together. From start to finish, you can expect an experience tailored to you. Take a look at what my process looks like, and let’s get this party started: 


Step 01/
reach out 

Click here to find my contact form! You can expect to hear from me within 48 hours of reaching out. Make sure to give me all the details - it really helps me start to visualize your hopes for our time together. Be sure to also double check the spelling for your email!

Step 02/
Meet & Greet

Getting to chat with you in person is my favorite part. This is a great space to get to know each other, talk about all your hopes and dreams, and ask questions of one another. Let’s grab a beer or coffee, or jump on FaceTime!

Step 03/

Ready to make it official? Once we’ve had a chance to chat, and you’ve reviewed which package is right for you, we’re ready to make it official! Yay! I’ll send over a contract for you to review and sign. Once this is signed and your 30% retainer is paid, we’re ready for the fun to begin!

Step 04/

At this point I’ll send you a questionnaire to collect wedding information from you. This helps me better understand what is important to you on your wedding day, and start putting together pieces for overall planning for the flow of the day.

Step 05/
engagement session

If you’ve booked engagement photos with me, this is when we’ll start planning your session. We’ll work together to make something that feels like a date night for the two of you - plus a third wheel! After your photos are done, you can expect your photos 1-2 weeks after your session.

Step 06/

We’ll keep in touch throughout the whole period leading up to your wedding day. This is when all the pieces come together. I offer planning tips for the structure of your day, and we work together to create a timeline that keeps the day flowing!

Step 07/
It's wedding time!

The day is here! All the pieces we’ve put together are all ready to go, and now it’s time for you just to enjoy. Sit back and take it in - I’ll be there to capture it all.

Step 08/
Photos, photos & More photos

Now it’s time for me to work through your images. I pick and process the best of the best, and will share them in your gallery once they’re complete. You can expect your images 4-6 weeks after your wedding day. (But, also some sneak peeks shortly after!)

Step 09/
Gallery time

Once I’ve completed your images, they’ll be delivered to you digitally in an online gallery for you to enjoy. Now's the time to sit, relax, and relive the day - you might want a tissue for this part!

Step 10/
design your album

If you’ve added a wedding album to your package, now is the time to put that together. You pick 50-60 of your favorite images, and I’ll piece them together in a custom layout for your album. We’ll work together to make sure you love how the book looks, place the order, and it’ll come straight to your door step.

Step 11/
enjoy your photos

Now’s the time to just take it all in, enjoy the memories we created, and tell stories of your wedding day for years to come. Cheers!

While keeping it light and fun, he makes something normally awkward and uncomfortable very relaxing and natural!

— Sandra

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