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Rainy Minneapolis Winehaven Winery Wedding – Mr. & Mrs. Moen

Aug 21, 2017

Rainy Minneapolis Winehaven Winery Wedding

It’s not always the easiest to express the story of a wedding day with my words. I tell a story through my camera, and I often rely on the photographs to tell the story. However, I took a different approach this time. I let them tell the story this time, as I can’t speak for them. Reading through Ellen’s look at how her and Matt’s wedding day played out was so beautiful. They may have been subject to Minnesota’s less than ideal weather, but it was still such a humbling way to spend my birthday.

Here’s what Ellen had to say:

It is really difficult to put how we felt that day into words. So much excitement, anxiety, and anticipation had built up. It felt like as though the day was surreal in a way.

The day started with a gray, thin dimmer of rain. While that constant drizzle drove me mad, I loved the way it made everything greener. You could smell the earth in the air as the Winery appeared in our view. As we entered the Winery, anticipation simmered in the air. The winery was a buzz and people seemed to float around me, guiding me toward one thing or another. Finally, the moment came where I was to put on my dress and suddenly the buzz when from dull to crystal clear. This was really happening and all I wanted to do was rush downstairs and see him. As I raced outside in my rain boots in the cold, crisp rain, I was beyond nervous. He turned to see me and my nerves ceased. He was laughing and nervous but looking at me the way he only looked at me and that made it perfect. The rain seemed to pick up and beyond the cold, all I could feel was the way the earth seemed to lie still in that moment. All the lush, thick green enveloping us.

Pre-ceremony, I was all jitters. I was in a room with the flower girl as I waited for my cue. I could feel the sweat tracing down my back as I told the gorgeous 5-year old in front of me “You are wonderful and lovely, remember that” And she smiled, care-free and responded, “I know”. That made me stop. If this five-year old could overcome her nerves & enjoy this moment, I needed to as well.  The ceremony began and I took a deep breath. I held my father’s hand and grabbed hold of his strength. I saw Matt at the end of the aisle. Tall, an air of nervousness surrounded him despite his handsome state. As I grabbed his hands, I felt my anxiety ease and it became the easiest thing in the world to take in that moment and say “I do”.

As we walked down the stairs after saying I do, a miracle seemed to happen. The rain had ceased, but for a moment in almost a celebratory gesture. We raced outside, mud flying on dresses & men’s shiny shoes. The temporary rain cease-fire seemed to almost cause a giddy state amongst the wedding party. We sailed through picture after picture. The pure joy of a rainless moment I never thought would happen displayed clearly on my face. Sometimes, it is the little things.

The reception had started and the excitement was in the air. Old friends from memories past were greeting and immersing themselves in a joyful moment. For many, their last interaction had been a sad one, one that many had blocked out or hoped to fade. You could sense in the air, an excitement of finally having a reason to celebrate together. I think my father said it best when he stated: “You may not have had the most expensive nor lavish wedding but you will never again see a group of people that excited to celebrate”. And it was true. The dance floor was packed and the hugs were endless. Exactly what a celebration should be.

We are so thankful for the story Tom was able to tell through our pictures. You captured the beauty even among the gray, never-ending sky. We truly are grateful for your gift.

If I could, I would work with Matt and Ellen again and again-If you missed it, their engagment session was just as sweet!


Dresses: Casablanca Bridal

Venue & Wine: Winehaven Winery

All Florals: Pristine Floral

Catering & Cake: Mintahoe Catering & Events

Tom Thornton is an award winning lifestyle and Minnesota Wedding Photographer, who specializes in creating classic and romantic stories that capture the real you.