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A St.Anthony Main Engagement session in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Feb 13, 2019

Engagement photos st anthony main minneapolis minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

 Engagement photos around St.Anthony Main never cease to amaze me. Seriously, there are so many places to choose from in Minneapolis, yet this strip has always been a favorite. Not only this, but Jen and Jeff are just plain awesome. You can’t tell from these pictures, but the morning of this session was absolute madness. It was the first glimpse of Minnesota snow at the start of this fall, and it was coming down in piles. Driving around that morning, it was nothing but flurries, and the roads were a nightmare to navigate. Out of the blue, the sun made an appearance, bringing the snow to a complete halt. By the time we met up, it was as if not a single snowflake had fallen! 
These two also taught me what it looks like for giraffes to “kiss”. Yes, you read that right. If you were wondering, this is what they showed me – and yes, it was this glamorous. Let me know if you can tell where they did that in this blog post. 😉  
The fact that they broke that one out within the first 10 minutes of our time together truly solidified the mood for the rest of the evening! Dancing, joking, and everything in-between–you name it, we were doing it! Plus, Jen was rocking it in that dress and those heals running up and down the street. I honestly don’t know how people do that without breaking ankles. There’s no doubt that if I had to do that, I would have probably lost my feet by now. ha! 
Regardless of all that, I had a blast starting off my busy month engagement session with these two. If we blink enough, June will be here before we all know it, and I’m so excited to work with them again when that time comes!


Did you find the giraffe kiss in there? Let me know if you caught it! haha! 🙂