Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Okay, for anyone needing inspiration, weddings at Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, Minnesota are seriously incredible. I remember meeting with Bailey and Dalen for the first time and talking about their day, and I was beyond excited for the entire year leading up to their day. Not to mention, their engagement session was filled with so much energy, too! I could go on forever about what I loved about being part of it all, but I think the best way to get a glimpse at the fun is to hear the highlights that these two loved about it all!

      All you need to know about weddings at Mayowood Stone Barn

      As a wedding photographer, I’ve experienced a lot of different wedding venues, so I figured I’d give some insight into what I love about Mayowood Stone Barn in particular.

      If you haven’t seen Mayowood Stone Barn before, let me paint a little picture for you. They describe themselves as the “The premier southeast Minnesota historic wedding and event locale” which couldn’t be more true. The light, natural aesthetic pairs well with any wedding style, it sits about 6 miles outside of Rochester giving you a private, serene feel while also providing close accommodations for your wedding guests.

      Their ceremony locations both offer stunning backdrops, and their indoor option provides sake of mind in the case that there is rain or snow on your wedding day – we’re in Minnesota, so it’s bound to happen, but Mayowood Stone Barn has thought that through for you!


      “Okay, my favorite moments:

      Walking down the aisle toward my future husband, next to my dad, between all of our people.

      After the ceremony, regrouping during happy hour with my bridesmaids, and getting ready for the reception. I loved that moment because I took off my veil, bustled my dress, and changed shoes. I felt so comfortable, relaxed,  and ready for the rest of the night.

      Signing our marriage license against the side of the barn and calling Dalen my husband for the first time☺️

      Watching everyone killed their speeches.

      Our first dance was so much fun – and the dance floor was full all night!!

      I loved seeing all of our people from different parts of our life laughing and engaging with each other. Our people all mesh incredibly well and that makes me super happy. New friendships and relationships were formed and I literally couldn’t hope for anything more.”


      “It was without a doubt the best day of my life. Having everyone at our beautiful venue to celebrate the moment that I have been looking forward to for so many years.

      I can honestly say that I have never felt the sentiment of love and affection as I saw my bride walk down the aisle to begin our journey together as one.

      The brief moment where we signed our marriage license was a moment filled with compassion knowing that we are finally starting our journey as a married couple!

      The dinner and speeches were flawless and priceless! My brother’s best man speech was awesome, so many great feelings as he spoke to our people about Bailey and I.

      I was extremely nervous for our first dance, but Bailey is pretty much a professional dancer and she guided me as we killed our first dance as a married couple.

      Our Reception went way too fast and was way too fun. Dancing and conversing with our people, I couldn’t believe how much fun everyone was having.

      One thing that makes me extremely happy is that our wedding was “ours”. We had our good friend, Anthony, as the officiant. Our flowers were done by, Rana, one of the bridesmaids. My Sister helped as the “day of” wedding planner, and my cousin was the DJ.

      It didn’t hurt that my wife looked absolutely stunningly beautiful, and in my opinion, my boys and I looked pretty dapper as well.

      I cant begin to express all my gratitude towards the people who made this day flawless.”

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